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In an interesting side note, my best girlfriend, from age 4 till her death at 35 was born on the exact same day as my late husband. I think not! I am a Gemini man was married to a Gemini woman for 21 years, awesome fun, caring and loving. Met another Gemini woman, fun and loving, no offense but stick with your star sign, they fulfill you. But when things are good they are really good! He is very independent and likes to work hard to have a good future. I am hoping to spend the rest of my life with him, I just wish we could be more stable and on the same page with our feelings.

No more lying and saying hurtful things. But time apart seems to help too and not to be too up each others asses, then it can lead to trouble, but motivate each other, it helps strengthen your bond! We also share the love of exercise, and being outdoors, and being around friends and having strong bonds with family. My sons dad, presently is a 30 year old Aries.

We dated for a little over 3 years, our relationship was good, but I also was 17 when we first started dating he was 21 I think , but we liked to go out, and we always made each other laugh, he was very caring and protective, and worked hard to spoil me. He liked to go out and have a good time and go out on dates. He used to be a flirt, and I used to go all crazy on him, but he never laid a hand on me, or called me out my name. But yes Aries and Aquarius definitely work out!

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As long as you can get past the little bumps in the road! I love being a Gemini! I am a Gemini man.

Not so sure if I want to continue with this. But hey, if she makes me happy then am all good with it. I was 16 he was 20 and for 5 of the 6 years we were together I was his queen and he was my friend and protector. I left him at Met a scorpio at 23 married him and we have been married now 22 years.

Years we separated almost divorced got back together for the kids. I wish I would have kept on and not come back sometimes but for the kids I stay.

Oh well I really miss my Leo hard working loving caring high school sweethearts. We were just too young to know it at the time. We reconnected during the separation but I decided to do what was what I thought was best for my kids. He said he waited all this time for me, he can wait a little longer. Life is crazy but also what you make of it. Wow have to come back and read everyone comments.

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It seems hard but I understand him. Everyone here gave me hope with their testimony. But nothing bad has happen. Just confusion and misunderstanding. This relationship is everything but easy. We are both strong individuals and so opposite, like the sun and the moon, the child and the old person. Here me in love with a gemini man.

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Being capricorn in love him deeply. But he appears and disappeares. Still I am wait. In know he is evasive.

I donno. He is stepping back for commitment in future. Really its funny..!!! He has 2 faces.. Extremely 2 faces… Lol. But, we only look 3yrs apart…go figure! The intellectual and sexual fantasy part is on point and we keep things light and fun with No judgement what so ever.

Married a Taurus and we were like night and day but he was a quiet romantic and took very good care of me.

Gemini compatibility: What zodiac sign does Gemini match best with?

I screwed that one up by thinking I needed communication and seeking sex outside my marriage to satisfy my craving. Then I met an Aries and I finally knew what being in love felt like. Unfortunately he had to go away for a few years and I was faithful for 3yrs then got lonely and met an Aquarius. He was 15yrs younger than me and ended up being the worse relationship ever. Very toxic to a Gemini. Found out he was narcissistic and I lost who I was within those 5yrs. I did meet a Libra, also 24yrs old recently and we had a good partnership and great sex.

We are happy to have found each other and fingers crossed on a long term happiness. Am a Gemini man I need Libra or Sagittarius nageria Yoruba woman from 20 to 28years Gemini man married to a scorpio woman 15 years.. I am a Gemini woman very very much in love with a Gemini man. He is my soulmate.

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The sex is amazing, the understanding is amazing, the love is amazing, refreshing, pure. We are like 2 children who have found their other pieces. I am a gemini woman dating a leo man we have an age gap but after my past relationships I must say that my relationship with him is the most wonderful thing ever but I do think that who we both are plays a very important part. He and I are a lot alike and both have been through similar things and despite our about 7 year age gap we are an amazing match he understands my need for freedom,and a lot about my sign and how I as a gemini am and I understand how he is as a leo.

We have our ups and downs but we make it through and in the end I think the disagreements have helped us to better understand each other, become stronger in our relationship and form a stronger connection as well. Gemini man…some of my most successful relationships have been with Leo women…downside is they can be very controlling. I am a Taurus woman currently married to a Gemini man going on 15 years, and I two have seen that other face and it was shocking.

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We are currently on our last go around in our relationship, since the problems keep stacking up and the solutions are not available. I know he loves me and I love him but it is to much work and I am sooo tired at this point. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

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